The JumpStart Building Program

Start with a free virtual property analysis using the most advanced online system available

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Predesigned floorplans! Choose from our portfolio of professionally designed plans that will Jumpstart your ADU project.

After the floorplan is selected, we can begin the process of creating the necessary documents to submit to your Planning Department.

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Once permits are issued, construction can begin at the job site and in the factory to build our components.

Once The Foundation Is Completed Our Components Are Delivered & Assembled

Completed Foundation

ADU Components

Components Ready For Assembly

Components Assembled

Final Completion By General Contractor-Owner Builder-DIY

Completed ADU

Completed Interior

Completion Options Detailed

General Contractor

  • Handles all onsite construction to finish
  • Coordinates all the different trades
  • Sources all the materials & finishes
  • Calls for all inspections
  • Final walk through

Owner Builder

  • Coordinates and schedules all the different trades
  • Sources all additional materials
  • Insures each phase of construction is completed properly
  • Calls for inspections
  • Save between 15% to 20%

Do It Yourself

  • Handles all onsite construction themselves
  • Sources all materials
  • Insures proper compliance to all construction codes
  • Calls for inspections
  • Save between 20% to 45% or more
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